About Me

This is just another baker's blog.

I didn't start this blog aiming to have a million visitors.  This is just a diary for me to record my favourite recipes whenever I feel like it.

I am a born and bred Singaporean Chinese.  I love good food which led to my love of cooking and baking.  I also have deft fingers and a creative streak and cake decoration allows me to express my creativity.  I only starting baking seriously from Nov 2010.

I am a mother of two young kids so I try to make my bakes as healthy and natural as I can.  Since I work full time, I don't have a lot of time to bake and blog so I will only blog and reply occasionally (if there are comments).

This blog is a diary of my favourite tested recipes.  I am a perfectionist who will work on one type of cake, using various recipes and modifying them until it meets my expectation.

I work from a tiny kitchen, which is typical of an apartment in Singapore.  Given the space constrain, I work with only basic equipment.  My Kenwood Chef, a basic Electolux oven and a digital scale are my most important kitchen gadgets.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy whatever I manage to share.

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