Saturday, 13 October 2012

Truffle Filled Mooncakes

I made this just before the Mid Autumn Festival but had no time to post until now.  The recipe is as before in my post on "Finally My Perfect Snow Skin Mooncakes".  Instead of salted egg yolks, I replaced with chocolate truffles.

The white lotus paste from Phoon Huat was out of stock (probably in every outlet) when I went to buy them the Friday before the festival.  (I went to Toa Payoh outlet and called up the main branch at Geylang.)  I must stock up enough early next year.  I ended up buying from Kwong Cheong Thye.  KCT had many varieties of white lotus paste which they said were from different suppliers.  The one I bought was mid range (based on price) and I thought it was a bit too sweet and too sticky.  They also had many other types of pastes.  The good thing was you could taste them before buying.  I just stuck to white lotus paste.

I filled with several varieties of chocolate truffles and wrapped in different coloured skins.  The truffles in the picture above were a little hard and so it didn't look nice when cut.  Sorry for the dark picture.  It was night time and I was in a hurry so didn't get the lighting right.

Anyway, enough of mooncakes for this year.  Until I find really good pralines, I will be sticking with my traditional salted egg yolks.

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