Sunday, 9 September 2012

Matcha Katsutera (Green Tea Castella Marble Cake)

What a week!  I was given short notice to fly to Bangkok for a business trip on Tuesday returning on Friday.  I caught the flu bug just before my trip which lingered until now, even when I'm back.  Despite the moodiness caused by my flu, I was quite eager to make the Matcha Katsutera from Ann's Blog.

This is the first time I come across a cake which uses bread flour.  This is pretty similar to the first sponge cake I made without any oil or butter.  Its texture is spongy like a sponge but slightly courser and it also inherits some characteristics of the bread.  Quite a light cake which is not too sweet and ideal for the health conscious.  I followed the recipe exactly so I will not replicate it here.  However I used a 7x7 inch cake tin instead of the wooden mould.  It took only about 40-45 mins to bake it instead of 55 mins using the wooden mould.

The top of my cake wrinkled a little although I did drop it from 1 foot height.  Nevertheless, I'm still quite pleased with the results.


  1. Hi Joan, I'm very glad you liked this cake. Your katsutera cake looks very pretty with the green tea marble effect. Love it!

  2. Thanks Ann. Thanks to your detailed recipe.